About Us

Expert Flooring is a family-operated company based in Waikato with two stores; Cambridge and Hamilton.

Since 2002, our team has been providing quality flooring & a memorable experience for homeowners throughout the Waikato.

We believe in offering a one-stop-shop. Where all the services required for your flooring needs are taken care of, this means less time organizing contractors, and more time enjoying your new flooring. 

Pick up the phone or walk into one of our showrooms today! 


We are proud of the following

Becoming a member of NZGBC (New Zealand Green Building Council) is essential for the Expert Flooring as it aligns with our commitment to sustainability, ensuring we stay updated with the latest industry standards, access valuable resources, and contribute to fostering eco-friendly building practices in New Zealand.

Expert Flooring passionately sponsors the Special Children's Christmas Party, recognizing the importance of bringing joy to children with special needs during the festive season, and supporting a cause that resonates deeply with our values of community care and inclusivity.


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NZGBC Member

We are a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council & proud to be apart of it.


Special Children's Christmas Party 2024

Expert Flooring Sponsors six children each year.

Special Childrens Christmas Party

Special Children's Christmas Party 2023

Expert Flooring Sponsors six children each year.

Christmas Party 1

Special Children's Christmas Party 2022

Expert Flooring Sponsors six children each year.

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Special Children's Christmas Party 2020

Expert Flooring Sponsors six children each year.

Our People

The flooring team is dedicated to their Craft, taking pride in every aspect of the flooring process.

Andy has been in the flooring industry for over 30 years, with his experience of installing and the great knowledge of ever-changing products, we are the people you need to come and see.

Eleanor, his partner is a qualified Interior Designer and an Architectural Designer and together work as a great team.

Also, Our excellent staff members that can assist you in our Cambridge and Hamilton stores.


Andy Harlow



Eleanor Harlow